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The Times They Are a-Changin'

Latest acquisition – HMT classic timepiece with Devanagari numerals. 


There are many people who talk about doing something different than what they are currently doing. Advertising is full such people with dreams, whims and fancies. People who want to do organic farming, open a restaurant, be a travel writer, an artist and most commonly – die; if at 40, they are still in advertising!

Very recently, in fact just yesterday, a dear friend of mine, a brother from another mother, did it! He quit advertising, left, arguably one of the best advertising agencies in the country, stayed home without a salary, taught himself type design and launched a retail typeface.

The typeface is called Brahmos (Devanagari)
Designed by Rocky (Hitesh Malaviya)
This is ITF Brahmos in all its goodness:
(Brahmos Latin designed by Satya Rajpurohit)

And these are some of the type specimen pieces I designed for ITF Brahmos.


A classic photo-op with the greatest import of India. Everyone, either Indian or foreigner who has visited the Taj Mahal has had a photo taken here with their loved ones. This is almost like a sepia-tinted photograph which has been digitally remastered to preserve that moment forever.

Finalist at the Absolut India Limited Edition Bottle Design contest.


Campa at Connaught Place

Country Roads...

TV Tower from Roseneath, Kodai
Mist at the '2nd Medi', Kodai (All stills by Gulo)

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorge Luis Borges

Sufi Rock Campaign / Breaking the Jinx

After a phenomenal no-show at Cannes this year, Sufi Rock gets recognized and finally breaks the 'jinx' at Clio with a Silver.

Kyoorius Design Awards 2013 / Shortlist in Poster category

Envies 2014 / Internal Ogilvy Awards for Best Poster

One Show 2014 / Shortlisted in 4 categories

Best of Ogilvy 2014 / Included in the world-wide publication featuring the best work of Ogilvy from around the world

Clio 2014 / Silver in Design

Thanks to our amazing clients at Pernod Ricard India.
And for all the help and support, without which this campaign
would not see the light of the day:
Nitin Srivastava, my Creative Director,
Ankur Gupta, my Account Management partner,
Manoj Kumar Jain, Photographer
Anand Kumar, Studio Production
at Ogilvy & Mather.

Sufi Rock Campaign / Outdoor

The idea was to marry the diverse musical traditions of Sufi & Rock together. The poster fused the jaali from Islamic architecture with the ‘sign of the horns’, the 'peace sign' and the 'lighter', gestures widely used by rock and metal fans.