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Young Creative of the Year 2014 Ogilvy, Delhi

God's Architect


Sufi Rock

The idea was to marry the diverse musical traditions of Sufi & Rock together. The poster fused the jaali from Islamic architecture with the ‘sign of the horns’, a gesture widely used by rock and metal fans.


Commission work for a documentary on the issue of electricity theft in the city of Kanpur. The poster depicts Loha Singh, a central character in the proceedings who is fashioned on the lines of a danger sign (skull & cross) most related with electricity.

He's almost a Prometheus like figure who steals electricity from the Gods to give it to the lesser mortals for better or for worse!

Check out the trailer here.

Spy in Amber / Malgonkar Series

Malgonkar Series

Book cover series design for three Manohar Malgonkar titles with Rupa Publications. The look is based on a mix of genres that Malgonkar dabbles in – literary thriller and popular fiction.

Spy in Amber is an espionage thriller based in Tibet.
Combat of Shadows is a high-society drama that plays out in Assam and The Garland Keepers is inspired by the events of the Emergency of 1975-77.

A Poster for Delhi

I've tried to encapsulate the diversity, madness and chaos that Delhi is through the use of the 6 Metro routes that connect the city and bring it together. To the awesome Delhi Metro!
The faux metro route map which makes a heart is an artistic interpretation.

100 Years of Indian Cinema

(Commissioned cover art for AGI MAGAZINE)

The Kiss ~ The idea is to do with the aspect of love in Indian cinema and how it has changed, evolved over the years. The visual alludes to a classic moment in Indian cinema, seen most prominently in Shree 420 and myriad other films. The flowers are used as a montage and reference to the moral censorship in our earlier films which did not allow for a kiss to be shown. In 100 years, the flowers have been drawn, we have move ahead, stayed with the times and may be at times even gone ahead but still 'the kiss' is a much debated, talked about element.

"Only those designers who are versed in the history of design will fully comprehend the ideas behind their daily work" ~ Wolfgang Weingart