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another poster : 50helvetica

first line : akzidenz grotesk
( helvetica was based on this font )

second line : arial
( microsoft's digital copy of helvetica )

third line : helvetica ( yours truly )
need i say more!


MM said...

Hi, Never realized Arial is MS's rip off of Helvetica. Had always used Arial in text-heavy documents because it seems reader-friendly. BTW, you use Arial in your blog posts too.

ojasvi mohanty said...

it sure is reader friendly.
but i wouldn't be caught dead using it in print.
it is a web-font and i have used it on web-sites.
and of-course my blog posts ;)

it is however quite hated in my clan.

MM said...

Checked the links. Guess the world will never run short of Microsoft bashers. :)