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hangman : postcard

pro-bono work for a friend's design studio / self-promo. the firm is called EXIT DESIGN, and the 'exit-man' as he calls it, is an integral part of his logo. " The 'Exit Man' is funny, quirky, intelligent, witty, edgy - and ALWAYS full of energy!! "


keehtarp said...

i'd seen the exit design postcards a long time ago at words, etc.. ruchika chanana's office (donno if u know her, prachi does)... i loved the cards then.. its great to know that u did them... am loving ur blog by the way, wanted to comment on a lot of posts above.. but thot wont do overkill

ha ha!!



ojasvi mohanty said...

thanks pratheek. well, i didn't do all of them - just a few. and this was my favourite.