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Book Cover :

My entry for the Penguin Book Cover contest :
The Island at the End of the World, is an post-apocalyptic tale concerning a family that seeks refuge on an island; possibly the only place left after the water rose. There's a lot more to the plot but thats the highlight.

My take is very situational here; to use an
observation, as is often seen during a flood when the water rises all the insects and smaller creatures clamber on to higher places for safety. And the eerie vignette reminds me of an apocalypse, much like a harbinger of doom where things are in disorder and as quiet as white-noise.


Namrata said...

love it.....lot more thoughtful then wat you designed earlier

ojasvi mohanty said...

i guess so, definitely more appropriate. thanks meg.

khushrav said...

a nice thought ... the insects and animals that climb to the top .. you write well too

ojasvi mohanty said...

thanks khusrav.