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Symbol for the Rupee


The origin of the word "rupee" is found in the Sanskrit word rup or rupyah, which means "wrought silver," originally "something provided with an image,
a coin," from rupah "shape, likeness, image."


In a country as diverse as mine, which is a confluence of myriad cultures and languages, the need to have an icon or a symbol is imperative. Although this country is divided by language barriers we find Hindi (Devanagari script) which is the national language and English (Latin script), are the most widely used languages for communication in all media. The origin of my idea is the verbal aspect of the word rather than the visual. They way it is commonly referred to as or spoken. I base my approach on the etymology of the word Rupee and tracing it down to its Sanskrit roots we find that it comes from the word rupyakam. It is interesting to note that both Rupee and Rupayakam or Rupyah for that matter start with the syllable Ru. My design is a marriage between the two, i.e. it's representation in Devanagari which also happens to be its widely accepted and followed abbreviation; and the abbreviated form in the Latin script which is Rs..
My design is shortlisted.