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Caution! Wet Paint (2009)

Title of my work exhibited at the SAA Galleries, JNU as part of the exhibition – Someone draws a flower on a wall beside a bed.

I wanted to explore the kind of denial of access very similar to under-construction sites in cities. That denial which seems to work so much more surreptitiously in different public places too, regarding what class of people ought to enter which (so called 'public') place. Moreover, it was interesting to get the audience's reaction to the pieces under different circumstances. ( text : Sabih Ahmed )

Putting up an individual piece of chair in the gallery would label it as art and therefore change the viewers approach to it, so we decided to spray-paint only a few chairs and mixed them up with the other chairs in the gallery. Some were placed at the gallery and some downstairs where people gathered for a smoke or a chat.

Special thanks :
Alana, Sabih, Rocky and Satyam for helping me out with the process and logistics.