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Whither have thy come my Friend?


Height : 1 feet 5 inches

Weight : 45 kg

Life Expectancy : 300 earth years

Place of Birth : Myatronix [ a land far-far-away ]

Culinary preferences : Jelly type green color material, available only on Myatronix


Contrary to insipid Human perceptions he's not Mini-Me; nor is he in puberty with extreme hormonal imbalance and a obsession for glam rock, neither has he had a wardrobe malfunction – Lo and Behold! – Alpha 10 from the first Ollywood sci-fi film. Tired of churning out soap-style family dramas, the nascent Oriya film industry bets for laurels with 'Keun DuniaRu Asila Bandhu', which literally translates to 'Whither have thy come my Friend?'. The protagonist of this saga is the very mortal Alpha 10, made of solid gold (i wish), a qualified Jedi sword-fighter equally adept at the art of Disco, who has made this ten thousand billion light years journey from homeland Myatronix just to make friends with the unassuming Oriya folk.

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My Name is Alpha 10.

I am from the planet named Myatronix which is many light years away from your planet Earth. In our planet we are born by the method of cloning. Our height is 1 feet 5 inches and weight is 45 KG. Our planet is much advanced as far as science and technology is concerned. We have many kinds of special, super natural powers and we can do any impossible task possible. But we are not God, Because God never dies but we die like humans. Our life cycle is 300 years. We also need food to survive. Our food is a jelly type green color material which is available in our planet only. We take food once in 3 to 4 days.

Now let me tell you about my power source. I have a machine in my left hand which is the main power and energy source of mine. This machine helps us to send and receive signals and to use our super natural powers.

You will be surprised to know that we used to come regularly to earth before 3000 years and we had a very good friendship with creatures of earth at that time. But afterwards your planet became polluted and populated. Creatures of Earth Specially Human became very selfish and harmful. From that day we stopped coming to your planet.

But This time I am coming….. TO BECOME YOUR FRIEND….

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vrakodar said...

Reaching new heights.