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My entry for Font Aid 5 : Made for Japan

Organised by S{O}TA The Society of Typographic Aficionados, this is a project uniting the typographic and design communities with a goal of raising funds to expedite relief efforts after the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

My entry titled
'Hope' illustrates a sunrise over the iconic Mt. Fuji, depicting a new day, a new beginning for Japan; the sun being a connotation of the Japanese flag.

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
~ P.B. Shelley (Ode to the West Wind)


Walker and Gazer..!! said...

Deep thought well depicted with significance to the elements involved in the design.

Good work Bro .... and the Quote mentioned sends out a positive message.

Great share.

pratheek said...

i really liked this... the words 'rising sun' are so strong here...

i just wish the sun could have been in Japan's iconic red... but i guess the contest rules said only black & white?

ojasvi mohanty said...

thanks pratheek. indeed they did, since this is for a typeface / dingbat if you will. otherwise, yes red would be the obvious choice.