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Sufi Rock Campaign / Breaking the Jinx

After a phenomenal no-show at Cannes this year, Sufi Rock gets recognized and finally breaks the 'jinx' at Clio with a Silver.

Kyoorius Design Awards 2013 / Shortlist in Poster category

Envies 2014 / Internal Ogilvy Awards for Best Poster

One Show 2014 / Shortlisted in 4 categories

Best of Ogilvy 2014 / Included in the world-wide publication featuring the best work of Ogilvy from around the world

Clio 2014 / Silver in Design

Thanks to our amazing clients at Pernod Ricard India.
And for all the help and support, without which this campaign
would not see the light of the day:
Nitin Srivastava, my Creative Director,
Ankur Gupta, my Account Management partner,
Manoj Kumar Jain, Photographer
Anand Kumar, Studio Production
at Ogilvy & Mather.