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ahead of her times :

Nasreen Mohamedi (1937 - 1990) a great influence. It's a pity how less there is written about her. And an even greater pity, that I had to join the Faculty of Fine Arts much after this doyen passed away. Here's a little bit about her and a lot of respect.

Nasreen Mohamedi was born in Karachi, India (now Pakistan) and raised in Bombay. After studying at St. Martin’s School of Art in London from 1954 to 1957, she returned to India and joined the Bhulabhai Institute for the Arts. While there, Mohamedi’s interest in abstraction revealed significant differences from the figurative approach of many of her peers. Through her mentorship with the renowned abstract painter V.S. Gaitonde, Mohamedi developed her personal sense of the sublime in abstraction. In 1961, the artist had her first solo exhibition at Gallery 59 in Bombay. She traveled throughout the Middle East in the mid 1960s and was influenced by Islamic architecture. From 1972 to 1988, Mohamedi was on the Faculty of Fine Arts at the M.S. University in Baroda, India, where she was revered as a teacher. In 1990, Mohamedi died of Parkinson’s disease in Kihim, India.