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Re-Branding : The current fad in the industry

The new re-branding fad has engulfed all our corporates. Aiming to burnish the old classic logos that we grew up looking at, they have reduced to shambles aping generic aesthetics and supposed current trends in identity design.

U.T.I Bank (Axis Bank), J&K Bank, Bank of Baroda,
Canara Bank, Ceat, Shopper's Stop and many more have joined the band wagon. Internationally also, there's a similar fiasco - Xerox, Ruby Tuesday and more joining in everyday.

New additions : Arvind Mills, Reliance, and all the new GMR airports which curiously have the same logo. New Delhi and Hyderabad are two very culturally diverse cities with almost similar looking airport logos. GMR may be a brand but certainly not Hyderabad and New Delhi, or any two cities for that matter. Such unwanted pervasion ruins the cultural landscape of the country.


Anonymous said...

even i observe such stuFF.
seriously maNN~