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India Post / Re-branding Unwanted

Re-branding, boon or bane. Yet another debacle that pollutes my immediate social landscape. India Post's classic red on white grid-based logo that I've admired ever since I knew what it meant, sadly has had to go. As is common knowledge in India pigeons (carrier birds) were specially trained to carry paper scroll messages and deliver with an unerring accuracy or so we've heard. The India Post paid tribute to this ancient method of communication by depicting these birds. Although the re-branding effort (the photograph) also symbolizes the birds but the yellow swishes drawn in a hurry fleetingly aim to capture the magic that it was.


Neil Dantas said...

even i thought the same dude.
yr blog was suGGested to me by
Pratheek George Thomas
even i hate the changing gfx
& a loTTa other iSSues that
are lOOsing aLL our culture.
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ojasvi mohanty said...

my dear fellow compatriot, such atrocities are committed everyday. can you believe that the govt. went to an ad agency for this work. O&M, Delhi if my sources are to be trusted.