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HUSH, a b&w graphic short story is the debut release from Manta Ray Comics, a new independent publisher of comics & graphic novels based in Bangalore. Hush has been created by two NIDians Pratheek Thomas & Rajiv Eipe. Starkly illustrated and unencumbered by words, Hush aspires to be a step forward for graphic story telling in India.

Pratheek Thomas aka PGT is a trained product designer who has traded his T-Splines for a pen, so to speak and thinks/says he prefers comics to girls or so he thinks/says. Read more on his blog

And, did I say I love the MANTA RAY Logo

A few teaser trailers: The Prelude Trailer 02 Trailer 03
Trailers can be found at

Priced at Rs. 195, Hush is a limited edition print, currently available for Pre-orders through Dial-a-Book (09650-457-457) and also In stores by December 22, 2010.