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Aksharaya TYPE Camp, 2010

This log of photos and memories are from the Aksharaya - Type Camp, 2010 held in Alibaug, Bombay which was basically a gathering of like-minded typography enthusiast from all over India. Type nerds, if you will; only none felt like one anymore only because each one was a bigger nerd than the other. Our brief was to produce Indian vernacular type-forms in 3 dimension using only paper (paper, bacause our sponsor was err... well, a paper manufacturer).

The weather wasn't too harsh, a bit too humid a jump from Bangalore (that's where the AC and the beer came in) and the food absolutely delectable. We took a ferry from the Gateway of India to Alibaug, a small island which wasn't exactly remote but it did give us our own space to think and execute our ideas.
This was a place where for 3 days we ate, slept and spoke only about type, literally.