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The Sincerely Evil: Mr. Bob Biswas

Years and at times generations go by for a character to come who is remembered independent of the movie. One obvious inductee is Samba from Sholay, who till date is and will be remembered . Especially in times when lead actors vie for screen-time it is interesting to see someone like the late Mac Mohan who created a mark for himself in Sholay with precious minutes of screen-time.

Bob Biswas played to perfection by Saswata Chatterjee is one such character from the Sujoy Ghosh film – Kahaani. Mr. Biswas is nondescript, he's not even your guy next door. He is literally every man you see out on a busy office hour. A perfect getaway for a contract killer. Bob has dark circles perhaps because of late work hours and is a failure at his regular work place because his commitments lie elsewhere. He's low on cardio, panting and sweating profusely which ultimately leads to his demise. Bob is human. He is not an arch-enemy or nemesis or one of those violent misguided villains that we're used to. Bob is one of the most sincere negative characters that we'll ever see. Stripped down to the bare necessities, 'roti, kapda aur makan'. To the theatrically minimal, essentially and sincerely evil Bob!

Also check out an awesome rendition of 'Bob ka Job' by Somesh,  post our lengthy dissection, discussion over Bob which led to my poster as well. Tanks!

Click to see Abhinav Bhatt's Kahaani minimal poster!


Sadho said...

Seriously killer poster for the super killer Bob. Loved it.

Sourabh Biswas said...

Nice one! :)