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Thank You, Dravid

This day had to come, sooner or later. The moment I heard of it I went straight to Siddhartha Vaidyanathan's blog, because no one writes more panegyrically about RSD than Sidvee

"So if my grandson were to ask me about your batting, I would be lost. The only way anyone can begin to understand your craft is by watching you bat through a whole day, by experiencing your pain. There are no short cuts.

There are a million links that pop up on YouTube when I type ‘Rahul Dravid’. All of them show you batting. None of them contain your essence. There is no Rahul Dravid in there.
That’s sad. But maybe that’s also a good thing. I was fortunate to be able to watch you bat. My grandson won’t be as lucky. He’s going to be born at the wrong time. Let’s go with that. It’s much easier."

(Photo & Excerpt from Sidvee's blog)